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t however offer any real protection for her modesty.

Instead it just drew the eye to her swollen labia, which it split without hiding.

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I was blushing very deeply.t understand what forced her stand that way. It certainly reminded me of the way a horse nods its head; her mane of blonde hair shaking back and forth as her head moved. Almost like an automaton I raised my arm and brought the back of my hand up to her chest. With my help he was able to concentrate on growing the business further instead of having to handle all the day-to-day tasks associated with running the company.Her bare breasts stood high and firm on her chest with her nipples clearly hard and aroused.I couldn I was shocked and surprised that she was not completely embarrassed and humiliated to be standing bound and gagged and so, oh so, exposed, out here in the open of the small paddock surrounded by dozens of dressed men and women. There were many other young and equally beautiful women similarly nude and harnessed.I was sure that I could see a glistening on her inner thighs portraying that she was excited.My boss and I had just arrived as guests at the Wallinghurst Pony Club, neither of us had had any inkling that it was going to be anything other than a traditional pony club, so we were both extremely shocked to find that the ponies were young women, all of whom were basically naked, bound and gagged with bits. Despite normally being so confident when faced with new and unusual situations to do with work I found myself blushing and dropping my eyes to the floor.And as far as I could tell none of them exhibited the level of humiliation that they ought to.

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