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That is not surprising, given the inherently dangerous nature of the sexual encounters that Mc Keague appears to have pursued.A typical one is chronicled in an endorsement carried on his page on Fab Swingers, which is illustrated with a topless photo of the RAF man next to the caption 'hello all, come say hi'.Posing on the roof of London's Millennium Dome, they look like any other young couple enjoying a big night out.It's a Saturday evening in September, and the duo are five months into a whirlwind romance.'Mc Keague then posted a review on her page saying 'met this lovely lady yesterday, she was straight down to business' before graphically describing a series of unconventional sex practices.P olice are now investigating about 20 other 'friends' whom he knew via the website, including eight women, four transsexuals or transvestites, two men and six couples.However, the police appear to take a different view, saying that Mc Keague's use of Fab Swingers is now 'part of our investigation'.It emerged yesterday that they are interviewing contacts the couple made on the site.

Soon afterwards, in a town dotted with security cameras, Mc Keague vanished. Detectives are baffled, saying the chances of him managing to slip out of the centre of the cathedral town without being caught on camera are as low as one or two per cent.That all suddenly changed on January 10, when Oliver gave a TV interview making the shock announcement that they were not just a couple, but that she was pregnant with his child.The plot then thickened considerably on Thursday when it also emerged that both Oliver and Mc Keague had for some time been living an astonishing double life, trawling the internet looking for casual sex with strangers.Dated April 15, 2016 (when he was supposedly dating Oliver), it was written by a 28-year-old woman from Cambridge using the moniker 'pinupchick88' who describes herself as 'quite brutal'.She recalled their encounter by saying that Mc Keague 'turned up looking and smelling amazing, didn't take long for me to take his clothes off, and he didn't disappoint!Of particular interest is believed to be 'Oriental-transvestite', a user of Fab Swingers who claims to live in East London, not far from the Millennium Dome.

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